Centricity Principle™

Over decades I watched as experts and novices alike won changes to national and state laws, regulations, and policies. In analyzing their approaches, I found a clear roadmap other people could follow.

It’s easy to learn and well-suited to today’s complex world.

It is also efficient and allows you and your team to create simple, but effective, strategic approaches to creating change.


Evidence-Based Policy Messages™

At Merck, sales and marketing colleagues taught me the value of clear messages in driving business and meeting objectives. This was clear in regulatory agency submissions, in communications with prescribers and patients, and in comprehensive product dossiers for payers. The industry excels in creating and managing messages of that type.


Strategic Facilitation™

Strategic Facilitation™ is widely regarded as one of the most efficient, effective ways to engage in high-level discussions and consensus-building.

It is a skill I learned from former President Jimmy Carter when, in my role as an appointee of President Ronald Reagan, I was assigned to work with Carter on health care issues. During that time, he taught me Camp David diplomacy lessons that helped develop this way to facilitate meetings.

Success depends on two major thrusts: careful pre-meeting planning and my ability to “take no position” on the subject at hand.

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